Join us in Boston at the 2023 ALA

The William Carlos Williams Society has finalized our two panel discussions at the thirty-fourth annual meeting of the American Literature Association Conference in Boston, May 25–28, 2023. One of the panels is co-organized with the Robert Lowell Society. We hope that you will join us in Boston!

Lowell and Williams

Organized by the William Carlos Williams Society and the Robert Lowell Society
Chair, Stephen Hahn, William Paterson University

  1. “Williams and Nardi; Lowell and Hardwick,” Steven Axelrod, University of California, Riverside
  2. “Williams and Lowell: Tangents,” Christopher MacGowan, The College of William and Mary
  3. “‘I couldn’t stop to think of the reader’: The Supportive Confessions of Williams and Lowell,” Ian Copestake, Independent Scholar

The Great American Novel at 100

Organized by the William Carlos Williams Society
Chair: Ian Copestake, Independent Scholar

  1. “The Senses of The Great American Novel,” Stephen Hahn, William Paterson University
  2. “Driving Through the Fog of Modernity: Mosquito Extermination, Progress, and The Great American Novel,” Paul Cappucci, Georgian Court University
  3. “On the Generosity of Art: The Great American Novel at 100,” Mark C. Long, Keene State College