A Concordance to the Poems of William Carlos Williams!

The Society is thrilled to announce that our open-access, digital concordance to the poems of William Carlos Williams is live! The concordance was created by Nathaniel C. Todd-Long––who recently completed his degree in the Computer Science and Business Program (CSB), with a minor in Data Science, at Lehigh University––with his father, Dr. Mark C. Long, the incoming President of the Society.

Nathaniel and Mark shared a working version of the concordance this past summer at the Biennial in Chicago, where we received feedback from the audience, and completed work on the database early this year. The concordance provides students, scholars, and general readers with a tool to search words in their linear occurrences in the standard editions of the poems and to compare usage of selected terms and phrases as well as analyze word frequencies.

New Directions provided permission to use the two-volume collected poems, Paterson, and By Word of Mouth: Poems from the Spanish, 1916–1959. We invite everyone to try the concordance and to share the resource with your students and colleagues. And do share your impressions, feedback, or suggestions with Mark and Nathaniel at mlong@keene.edu.