The Paterson Project

A Musical and Visual Response to William Carlos Williams’s poem: a composer of modern classical music and a visual artist unite to create the Paterson Project By Dr. Frederick Adler and Jonathan Sinagub.

The Project

This musical and visual response to the poem, Paterson, is the work of two artists whose lives have long been influenced by the poetry and writings of William Carlos Williams, and by Paterson, New Jersey.

Dr. Frederick Adler, composer and medical doctor, has since adolescence seen Dr. William Carlos Williams as a sort of mentor, inspiring the possibility of combining a serious artistic life with the practice of medicine. He responds to the poem Paterson in a symphonic work for orchestra and piano.

Jonathan Sinagub, architect and visual artist, is a longtime student and observer of the town of Paterson, NJ. It was the subject of his Master’s thesis in Urban Planning at MIT. He revisits Paterson in imagery, which includes its old factories, buildings, people and of course the Passaic Falls.

The featured image to this post is a page from Dr. Adler’s score. For those with an interest in this work, the complete score is available from the composer at