MLA 2023 (San Francisco)

A celebration and critical assessment at the 100th anniversary of the publication of William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All. The session, at the same time, is organized around the 40th anniversary of Charles Bernstein’s, provocative challenge on the 100th anniversary of Williams’s birthday, “The Academy in Peril: William Carlos Williams Meets the MLA.”


Elin Käck, Associate Professor, Linköping University 


Bob Perelman, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania, Spring and All, or, the present after one hundred years

Juliana Spahr, Professor, Mills College, “No one to witness and adjust”: the Academy Still in Peril

Charles Bernstein, Donald T. Regan Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania, “The Academy [Still] in Peril: William Carlos Williams Meets the MLA” at 40

Featured image: Oak and sunlight on Mt. Tamalpais, Marin, California, Mark C. Long