MLA 2022 Multilingual Williams

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Washington D.C. January 6–9 2022

This special session sponsored by the Society is dedicated to multilingualism in the life and work of William Carlos Williams—including but not limited to his multilingual home and upbringing, his experiences living in Germany and France, his recognition of the need for knowledge of foreign languages, his readings of poetry and/or prose in translation, and his translations from Spanish, French, Greek, and Chinese. 


Elin Käck, Linköping University, Sweden


”Chinese Shanshui Shi 山水诗: Landscape Poetry in Translation and Translated by William Carlos Williams”

Zhanghui Yang, University of Macau

”The Atomic Tenebrism of William Carlos Williams and René Char”

Brandon Menke, Yale University

”For Sale or Fort Sale? Williams, Citation and (Consumer) Culture”

Elin Käck, Linköping University, Sweden

Photo credit: Section of a copy of a handscroll painting by Wang Wei, showing his estate, Wangquan Villa, that inspired twenty jueju poems. British Museum Collection