9th Biennial Conference: Challenging Williams

Challenging Williams: Ninth Biennial Conference of the William Carlos Williams Society

June 23-25, 2022 • Chicago, IL

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Thursday, June 23 @ the Reading Room of the Poetry Foundation (61 West Superior Street)
7:00-8:00              Plenary Lecture by Dr. Tara Betts          “Challenging Williams” (event on Facebook)

Friday, June 24
Morning Session @ Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago, Maguire Hall (1 East Pearson Street)

9:00-9:45              The Material and the Spiritual in Williams’s Zen-Inflected Ecopoetics, by Enaiê Mairê Azambuja (University of London) [PAPER]

9:50-10:35           On the Trail of Williams’s Elusive Indigenous Subject: “To Elsie” to The Great American Novel, by Stephen Hahn (William Paterson University, emeritus) [PAPER, plus supporting materials: #1 and #2) ]

10:45-11:30         “I’m a radical! I write modern poetry, baby!”: Williams’s Radical Politics, by Ciaran O’Rourke (Independent Scholar) [PAPER]

11:35-12:20       “The Wanderer”: Williams’s Modernist Ars Poetica, by Fahri Öz (University of Iowa) [PAPER]

12:30-2:00           Lunch    @ Beane Hall, in Lewis Towers, 111 E. Pearson St.)

Includes an interactive introduction to the William Carlos Williams Williams Digital Concordance, with Nathaniel Long and Mark Long

2:00                        Gather at Arrupe College entrance (Maguire Hall, 1 East Pearson Street) to travel to
Afternoon Session @ University of Chicago’s Joseph Regenstein Library (1100 E. 57th St.)
for a viewing of letters & manuscripts by William Carlos Williams in the Poetry: A Magazine of Verse archive. 

Followed by a casual group dinner

Saturday, June 25 @ the Reading Room of the Poetry Foundation (61 West Superior Street)

11:00-11:45         Temporal Poetics: Rhythm and Form (Body, Language, World, and Mind) in Williams’s Poetry, by Richard Cureton (University of Michigan, emeritus) [PAPER]

11:50-12:35         “My “Case” to Work Up”: William Carlos Williams’s Paterson, by Walter Scott Peterson, M.D. [PAPER]

12:45-1:30           Editing Williams – a Conversation with Christopher MacGowan (College of William and Mary), by Stephen Hahn & Daniel Burke